Paris after dark

I don’t suppose she’d ever “dress down” for something — it just seems out of character — but this is actually a pretty good look for her:

Paris Hilton as a temporary brunette

Still, Paris Hilton shunning the spotlight is about as plausible as Democrats demanding tax cuts, so we may as well enjoy it while we can.



  1. Jeffro »

    7 January 2012 · 8:20 pm

    At least she isn’t flashing her nether regions.

  2. CGHill »

    7 January 2012 · 8:39 pm

    Sshhh. Not so loud.

  3. tioedong »

    7 January 2012 · 9:37 pm

    well, I don’t know if she sent money but she did “tweet” her fans asking them to send money to help the victims of the most recent Philippine disaster last month.

  4. CGHill »

    7 January 2012 · 10:10 pm

    I have never really been comfortable with the idea of Paris as pariah: there is, of course, that whole “Why is she famous?” thing, but one could ask this about any number of so-called “celebrities” these days, and there are plenty of people far more parasitical than Paris. I’m guessing that she’s not quite brilliant enough to be cold and calculating, but she’s smart enough not to take herself too seriously. To that extent, she’s the anti-Paul Krugman, which is justification enough.

  5. Jennifer »

    7 January 2012 · 11:12 pm

    She does look absolutely fantastic here.
    As easy as it would be to skewer her on a regular basis. I find myself liking her. Especially when she makes fun of herself. Did you see her in An American Carol?

  6. CGHill »

    7 January 2012 · 11:44 pm

    Missed that one, alas.

    There are women who appreciate her occasional shoe lines, because, as Nigel Tufnel might say, they go to 11. (Paris wears size 11, and she’s not about to put her name on a shoe she can’t wear.)

    And then there was this ridiculous Brazilian beer commercial she did. Apparently the beer is named “Devassa Very Blonde,” and various complaints were filed because of its blatant sexism. I suspect she had the giggle fits once she finished it.

  7. CGHill »

    8 January 2012 · 12:02 am

    Since I’ve already admitted to having seen her infamous sex tape, I may as well let it be known that in my opinion she didn’t come across, so to speak, as some sort of Hollywood succubus: she looks kind of small, appallingly young, and mostly dutiful.

  8. canadienne »

    8 January 2012 · 1:36 pm

    No one has given me any reason why I should be interested in what Paris Hilton, or any of these people (including the Kardashians) does. They seem to do nothing useful, or entertaining.

  9. Laura »

    9 January 2012 · 5:38 am

    She does look better as a brunette and her wonky eye covered up. I still want to force feed her a sandwich. A bologna and mayo one. And heavy on the mayo.

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