Maybe they’ll even look at it

A new voter ID arrived yesterday from the County Election Board, and since I hadn’t changed anything about my registration, it took me a couple of moments to figure out why: after the Census, all sorts of district lines were redrawn, and while I’m still represented by the same old crew, I’m in a new precinct. (Goodbye, 453; hello, 195.)

The new cards also list those districts by number, which is nice. From my own:

US Rep:  5  Senate:  40  House:  87  Cnty Comm:  1

Everyone in the same precinct should have the same numbers, of course.

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  1. Joe »

    15 January 2012 · 2:21 pm

    Thank you! I received mine and couldn’t figure out why I would be getting a new one. Makes total sense now.

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