Hardly Newtral

The Oklahoma primaries are coming up, and while I think we can safely say that the state GOP would prefer to go Mittless, enthusiasm for Newt Gingrich is not exactly universal:

In fact if I had time, I would change my voter registration to Republican long enough to vote against him before switching back to independent.

And should Newt edge out the Romney Badger…?

Should the bizarre become the new normal and Mr. Gingrich receive the GOP nomination, I will join the half of my fellow Americans who go to the polls on election day. But my presidential ballot will remain blank.

And that would seem to be that.


  1. stixx23 »

    2 February 2012 · 11:38 pm

    There’s always the hope that there could be a third name on the ballot. Granted, it hasn’t happened the last two elections, but it could happen.

  2. jsallison »

    3 February 2012 · 11:03 pm

    Anyone but Obama. Absolutely, anyone but Obama. I’m a registered independent and I’ll vote for my wife’s chihuahua if she’s the only alternative. Crikey, I’ll vote for MY sorry @$$ if I’m on the ballot. And dude(ettes) things have *really* gotten desperate if *THAT’S* an option.

  3. jsallison »

    3 February 2012 · 11:17 pm

    Oh yeah, and historically, third party candidates tend to suck votes from the GOP, Perot, you sorry Bastardi! I’m still wondering if the Donald won’t run as a 3rd party type whose purpose is to help the Big O by sucking votes away from the GOP candidate. I really, *REALLY* don’t trust him. At. ALL.

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