A different sort of timelessness

This week I’ve been on a Let’s Play These Old Classical Cassettes binge, and one tape that got pulled from the shelf contained two piano suites by Edward MacDowell, played by Charles Fierro: Woodland Sketches (whence comes the famed “To a Wild Rose”) and Sea Pieces. I bought this way back in — hmmm, when did I buy this?

I flipped over the box, and there was the answer. This tape evidently came from the Sound Warehouse Classical Shop: there’s a sticker with its logo, the notation “60 DAY GUARANTEE,” and a stamped date. Twenty-second of February, 1984. (Nonesuch’s P-date is 1983, so I got this when it was fairly fresh.) Still sounds pretty good after 28 years, though I doubt it’s been played more than twenty times. Not everyone is crazy about Bose audio — “No highs, no lows? Must be Bose” — but it works pretty well in my car. What’s more, the system’s Dolby B tracking seems to be fairly accurate, which was never a common occurrence on playback machines.

The recording seems to be out of print, but it’s not so hard to find.


  1. Jean »

    4 February 2012 · 9:48 am

    So Bose is really a joke? Phil seems pretty intense about that.
    I have a recent flyer from Bose offering the little system and multi-cd player for +- $500. Now it seems not a good choice…?

  2. CGHill »

    4 February 2012 · 10:09 am

    I don’t consider Bose a joke, but the Wave system makes more sense around $500 than it did at twice that. Were I buying now, though, I’d look into the Cambridge SoundWorks i765, which lacks the multi-CD player but which allows you to dock your iPod, for around $380.

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