Accepting malice

Roberta X warns us that this November we can’t get anything we want:

Nobody running in the Presidential primary is your friend. No friend to gunnies, no friend to the small businessperson and no friend to free individuals. They see your liberty as a threat; Mr. Schumer over in Congress speaks for all Washington when he wants you injected, inspected, detected — not neglected! — issued a card and sat down, probably, on the Group W bench with “all kinds of mean nasty ugly looking people…” And not a one of them will even bother to ask, “Kid, have you rehabilitated yourself?”

Indeed, they’ve got a lot of damn gall.

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  1. Tatyana »

    4 February 2012 · 5:57 pm

    She is absolutely correct – I made the same decision (except voting for Paul, in any circumstance).

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