No nit left unpicked

One of the hazards of writing for the Web, identified by Jack Baruth:

Part of writing for the Internet is that, even when you explicitly state that something is a “tale” which “may not be true”, there is someone waiting to crucify you because it doesn’t match their recollection.

Presumably the grandparents of these people wrote letters like,

dear cs lewis, lions can’t talk so I didn’t enjoy your narnia chronicals. Yours sincearly, little timmy. Ps my wardroab at hom has a solid back.

Persons wishing to audition for the part of the Troll must first write this entire passage on the blackboard one hundred times. (No credit for cut-and-paste.)

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  1. fillyjonk »

    6 February 2012 · 7:10 am

    And then there’s also the idea going ’round that the best way to get lots of comments is to make a glaring grammar or spelling mistake.

    (Which may actually be why I get fairly few comments…)

    But yeah, there are way too many out there wanting to rain on people’s parades/urinate in people’s cornflakes. I don’t know if it always was so, and just became more obvious in the days of the Giant Anonymous Web, or if there’s something about being Giant, Anonymous, or Web that encourages people to act that way.

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