Slow on the uptake

Set the time machine for early 2005 and Vent #425, “The dancer and the bird.” It’s the story of a print that hangs on my wall — been on some wall every place I’ve lived since the 1980s, except for a brief period of storage during the California experiment — which I’d never properly identified. Therein you will find the following statement:

It’s way too big for my scanner, of course, even out of the frame, and I am disinclined to pull it out, inasmuch as it was a really good framing job and I’d never get it back to normal.

The discerning reader has already asked “So why didn’t you just take a picture of it?” Short answer: I was out of film when I wrote it, and then I didn’t think about it anymore.

Mysterious print of dancer with birdThe next year — right before the aborted World Tour ’06, in fact — I bought one of those mediumfalutin’ digital cameras. “Out of film” was no longer relevant. But I didn’t get prodded into action until last night, when I read something on Jennifer James’ Facebook page: she’d picked up a painting at a thrift store, posted a shot of it, and a few months later she got an email from someone who had another painting by the same artist. My reaction was an immediate facepalm, followed by “Now why didn’t I think of that?” I tabbed over to my original article, reread it, and then uttered several chunks of choice Anglo-Saxon in the general direction of the mirror.

So I took down the print, propped it up on the breakfast bar — best lighting in the whole house — and took four shots; this was the keeper. (Flickr will embiggen for you.) Maybe someone’s else’s memory will be jarred.

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