Strange search-engine queries (314)

The distinguishing characteristic of the Morning After is that there was a Night Before. And while many of you were enjoying (or being repulsed by) that night, I was shuffling through the logs with an eye toward this morning. Which is not to say I’m industrious or anything.

2010 buick lacrosse, headlight switch seems to dim the navigation display:  If you look around, you’ll see that all the displays are dimmed; Buick (and just about every other automaker) has done that for about, oh, seventy years now.

mariska hargitay net worth:  Way more than yours or mine, I suspect.

caliente resort tampa older hung guy:  That was Hung Qi. Give him any lip, and he’ll deck you.

michelle bachman inside thighs:  You could always just ask Marcus; there’s even a chance he might not deck you for it.

last friday night katy perry cursed because of dead people:  If she cursed at all, which I doubt, it was because of dead microphone.

whitney’s yogurt 1982:  I’d be really leery of opening that package after thirty years.

“farts penalty”:  This is an application of Newton’s third law: he who dealt it also smelt it.

what does that mean when u get new transmission:  It means you live on franks and beans for the next three years, assuming you can still afford franks.

monokini “back-formation”:  The front formation is pretty nice too.

there is a lot of stuff here:  Noticed that, did you?

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  1. Dan B »

    6 February 2012 · 2:36 pm

    Re Bachmann: I doubt he’s been inside her thighs since 2000.

    Re Katy Perry: The curse is if the microphone is ON.

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