A retcon job?

I’ll admit to perhaps being a bit overly fond of Derpy Hooves — heck, I have a picture of Equestria’s Clumsiest Pony at the office — so I’m not particularly happy to hear that the newly-arrived downloadable ($2.99) iTunes version of “The Last Roundup,” the episode of MLP:FIM that gave her both her name and her admission to MLP canon, has been edited after the fact, and oafishly at that: partially correcting her, um, “vision issue,” replacing her voice with something a bit more generic-sounding, and redubbing the line in which Rainbow Dash addresses her so that her name is never mentioned.

Consensus seems to be that this is Hasbro-originated malfeasance. I’m not so sure: when I think high-handed interference, I tend to think Apple, and the fact that existing copies of the DVD on which this episode is included contain the original cartoon as first shown on the Hub would seem to support this notion. But it doesn’t really matter who did it; it was definitely done. And if you ask me, it’s like reediting The Honeymooners to put Ed Norton in a desk job, lest someone be upset by the idea of sewer workers in this day and age.

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  1. fillyjonk »

    26 February 2012 · 5:18 pm

    Eh, the new voice doesn’t bug me, because it actually sounds like a girl’s voice (Unlike some of the Equestrian Conspiracy Theorists out there, I’m willing to accept that the voice actress did not at first know Derpy was female).

    I’m a bit more troubled by the erasure of the name, but if they really feel they have to change it to avoid imagined offense, I would suggest “Bubbles,” both for the cutie mark and as a reference back to the Powerpuff Girls. (But she’ll always be Derpy to me.)

    I’d rather see the editing than see her outright erased. (I’m resisting making a “TROTsky” joke considering how serious the Soviet purges was and how silly cartoons are…)

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