Forgotten but not gone

Former County Commissioner, accused money-launderer (he eventually pleaded guilty to a lesser charge), and comic publisher Brent Rinehart has apparently once again decided to jump back into politics, this time seeking a seat in the state House:

Rinehart has made no announcement of his candidacy, but postcards announcing he is “Back In The Battle” are being distributed in Midwest City and although his postcard lists a website address, use of it produces nothing. He has not yet filed with the Ethics Commission.

As usual with Rinehart, the Bombast Meter is turned up towards 11:

Rinehart’s postcard mentions national political issues before stating, “Because of my watchdog constitutional stance, I was threatened, smeared and slandered. Practically ruined me personally and financially. I never went along to get along. Not being a politician in a sea of politics is a rough ride. But I am getting back on that horse.”

“Mommy, how come that horse has two asses?”

“Don’t look at it, honey.”

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  1. Dan B »

    26 February 2012 · 8:45 am

    I guess he thinks people forgot about him.

    You know people don’t like you when, as the incumbent, you don’t even make the run-off in your party’s primary.

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