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LP by Davy Jones before joining the MonkeesA blurb from the liner notes of David Jones, the eponymous LP by, um, David Jones, circa 1965:

Already an established television, stage, and singing star in his native England, David Jones goes on to win new laurels as a recording star with “What Are We Going to Do?” As a young fellow whose chosen ambition was originally to become a top race jockey, David was side-tracked by a spectacular career in the field of entertainment purely as the result of a part-time radio job. Old goals aside, David has set his sights on becoming a top international star of records, stage, television, and films. When you listen to this exciting new album there will be no doubt in your mind that David is well on his way to reaching that goal … and soon!

“What Are We Going to Do?” and two other singles from the LP stiffed in the marketplace, though Jones would become a top international star soon enough. (Do not confuse with Davie Jones, who had already cut a single of the old standard “Liza Jane,” but who eventually decided that he’d be better off with a different name.)

Of course, Jones, who could sing and did passably well on the drums, was picked for the Monkees because he was, um, cute: “I loved the Monkees growing up and Davy was Bieber swoosh before Bieber.” The Columbia Pictures brain trust, in fact, was loath to give Jones the lead on any of the band’s singles, and when he finally got one, it was canceled due to some backroom finagling. (Short version: Don Kirshner had picked the song; the Monkees were rather sick of other people, especially Kirshner, picking their songs; Kirshner put out the song anyway without Columbia’s knowledge; Columbia sacked Kirshner and pulled the record.) However, it still wound up in the TV show, even if it never made it to an album until the Greatest Hits compilation:

Oh, and Davy Jones did finally chart a solo single — in 1971. Of course, he was never forgotten, and he won’t be.


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