Suppose it gets on your lawn

The American Water Works Association, as I recall usually worth $150 and mortgageable for $75, advises that some water bills may triple over the next couple of years due to infrastructure repairs and improvements:

Currently, the average household water bill is about $335 per year, according to the non-profit, which focuses on drinking water quality and supply.

Small, rural communities are likely to be hit the hardest because there are fewer people to share the expenses of infrastructure projects. Families in these areas are likely to see their bills jump between $300 and $550 per year due to infrastructure repairs and expansion costs.

My water bill runs about $16-20 a month, though I think it’s a safe bet it’s not going any lower. (City utilities, of course, also include sewer, refuse, and other stuff, insuring that I will get no change back from a $50 bill in any given month.)

Not really spelled out: how much of those “expansion costs” will be incurred while existing supplies literally dry up. A friend down in the southwest corner of the state noted that the local lake is down 12 feet from normal; on the national Drought Monitor, they’re somewhere between Extreme and Egregious.

(Via the Consumerist.)


  1. Jeffro »

    1 March 2012 · 6:27 pm

    My biggest worry, and it really isn’t all that serious, is that my well may prove in the long run to be too shallow because irrigation has lowered the water table so much. For now, the only variable cost is the electricity required to pump it.

    Of course that could change if some enterprising statists decide that I really don’t own my water rights, and meter the water from the well.

  2. Luther »

    1 March 2012 · 7:18 pm

    I’m not a huge recycling fan, compared to my wife anyway, as I’m suspicious that most of it ends up in the landfill no matter. But nearly every time I rinse something out to recycle I think of the water I’m using in doing so as being more precious, and in a more precarious position of supply, than whatever material it is that I’m rinsing.

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