Don’t get in line for this

It’s not actually “coming soon.” Just the same, I would so watch this:

Bogus poster for a Walt Disney biopic starring Ryan Gosling

And if anyone does it, it will pretty much have to be Disney, because they wouldn’t have to jump through Major Clearance Hoops to use any of Walt’s personal archives.

(Poster by Pascal Witaszek, via The Daily What.)


  1. Bill Peschel »

    13 March 2012 · 1:00 pm

    I’d pay to see this. That is so beautiful, so evocative.

  2. Jean »

    13 March 2012 · 5:23 pm

    I read his biography. Amazing man.

  3. Andrea Harris »

    15 March 2012 · 11:07 am

    I like the poster. I’m not really into Disney stuff, but this looks like it might be interesting.

  4. Steve Lackmeyer »

    15 March 2012 · 4:13 pm

    Now this must happen. I saw the poster and thought “heck yeah – when?” before realizing I had been duped.

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