Callowbration techniques

Presumably for search-engine optimization, some Web sites are given to convoluted article titles like “How ‘The Fifth Element’ Predicted Lady Gaga And Everything Else About Modern Life — Back in ’97”. I’d have called it something like “There’s a Mondoshawan on your lawn,” or perhaps thrown in a My Little Pony reference. (The ponies have six elements, y’know.)

Brian J. isn’t much concerned about the title, but he concludes from the actual article that “anyone writing for money on an Internet site is 25 years old or younger”:

[T]he piece has a certain cultural myopia that can’t see anything before the middle 1990s and comes off, at least to this old man, as annoying because of it.

But it does reflect an adolescent viewpoint that says, “All history began with my birth or self-awareness” that cripples our contemporary society and discourse.

As a comparably old man — older than Gary Oldman, in fact — I am persuaded that claiming to have self-awareness is one of the most reliable indicators of not having it. (Navel-gazing does not equal looking inside oneself.) And what’s been done to history in the name of awareness shouldn’t happen to a dog.

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