Citified public accounting

According to the Bureau of the Census, more than 80 percent of us now live in urban areas, and by “us,” they apparently mean “people who don’t live in Oklahoma,” since more than half of Soonerland’s population is rural by this definition.

Then again, this definition specifies, to qualify for true urbanity, a population of only 2500 — “for statistical inflation purposes,” insists the intrepid Brian J., last seen researching the teeming metropolis of Aurora, Missouri, population 7406. This metropolis, in fact, is teeming even more than Metropolis: the seat of Massac County, Illinois, population 6500 or so, an actual stopping point during World Tour ’05. I blame Lois Lane.

Trivial sidelight: There is a Lois Lane in Metropolis, extending eastbound from North Avenue, opposite the Masonic Cemetery. I told you she was dangerous.

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  1. fillyjonk »

    19 April 2012 · 7:07 am

    “since more than half of Soonerland’s population is rural by this definition.”

    This must be the definition that “Fed Ex Ground” uses so they can justify charging an extra $5 every time I have the bad fortune to want to mail-order something from a place that only does Fed Ex Ground delivery. (Yeah, they put the rural surcharge on me. Even though I live on what could, arguably, be the Dallas to Tulsa route.)

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