A Volt a day

Well, almost. Serra Chevrolet in Southfield, Michigan — former home of American Motors, if I remember correctly — is moving about 25 Chevy Volts every month.

And oh, they do try hard:

The dealer trains each salesperson specifically on the Volt for at least 12 hours and encourages them to cross-sell the car to customers that come in looking for anything from an SUV to a midsize to a compact. To put a green point on the deal, about 15 percent of the dealer’s electric power is provided by two windmills located behind the building.

“You don’t want that big, hulking Suburban.”

I wonder if that’s ever actually worked.

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  1. Tom »

    2 May 2012 · 4:01 pm

    This underscores people’s dislike of car dealers.

    “I want a Suburban.”
    “No, you want a Volt.”
    “No, I want a SUBURBAN.”
    “You want a VOLT.”

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