That new Black magic

Rebecca Black’s single “Sing It” drops Tuesday; however, thirty-second lo-fi previews — does “preview” make any sense for audio? — abound, and Thursday RB dropped in on Radio Disney’s Candice to cohost the Dot Com Top 3, and not incidentally to play the whole song. (Which may explain the lo-fi nature of the previews, since your local Radio Disney affiliate is very likely on AM radio; certainly mine is.)

A full review will have to wait until I can hear this thing in some semblance of high fidelity. (RD’s satellite feed comes through here in stunningly bad sound.) It is, as I would expect, catchy, a bit repetitious, and while I didn’t hold a stopwatch on it, I’m thinking 3:15, on the dubious basis that her three previous singles ran 3:30, 3:25, and 3:20. At this rate, by the time she reaches her twenties, she’ll be doing songs on the Wire scale. (Pink Flag, with twenty-one tracks, runs less than 36 minutes.)

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