Quote of the week

Promoters of the Affordable Care Act avoid using the word “rationing.” But, as Roxeanne de Luca reminds us, that’s exactly what’s going to happen:

We’ll eventually all have “free” doctor’s visits but be denied life-saving treatment, which is the exact opposite result that you want for insurance, which is supposed to cover the really expensive things you can’t pay for yourself. It would be like homeowner’s insurance that covers a leaky faucet for free but doesn’t give you a cent if your house burns down.

Although I must note that my own homeowner’s insurance has doubled in price in three years, and I haven’t figured out a way to blame that on Congress. Yet. (Yes, there was that nearly-five-digit claim, but as one might expect from a shared-risk scenario, people who didn’t have those claims got their premiums hiked as well.) Doesn’t cover leaky faucets, unless they do something like leak into the wall. I’ve replaced one in eight and a half years; it wasn’t doing anything other than wasting water.

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