Knew Ned Ludd personally

Earlier this week, I was bewailing my inability to keep up with the latest technology. (For the record, I have since discovered that the phone in question likes MP4s, but not in 1280 x anything resolution.) Still, I got nothing on this guy:

My 84 year old neighbor bought a 2011 SRX. When he bought it, he said to me, “You know, I think Cadillac is going backward. My old Cadillac (2009 CTS) had the standard radio that included a multi-disc CD changer in the dash. This new car has the standard radio, but only a single disc CD player.” At that, I pointed to the USB port in the SRX. Geezer was like, “What?” “That”, said I. “Whats that?”, asked the geezer. “It’s a USB port”, says I. “A US-what port?”, asks the geezer. I proceeded to help him rip over 30 CD’s to .mp3, and loaded them onto a USB stick. I plugged the stick into the USB port and turned on the radio. The old dude sat there with his mouth hanging open like a member of some lost Amazonian tribe that had just seen a cigarette lighter for the first time in his life.

U! S! B!

Gwendolyn, per the switch panel, is set up for a six-disc changer, but apparently this was an option for which her previous owner did not opt.


  1. McGehee »

    10 May 2012 · 8:05 pm

    I would happily trade my current aftermarket stereo for a blank panel with just a USB port in the middle.

  2. CGHill »

    10 May 2012 · 8:52 pm

    The Ferrari 599 Fiorano has no head unit per se; it has an iPod dock. Not that you can hear anything other than Italian engine noises, of course.

  3. McGehee »

    11 May 2012 · 7:42 am

    After paying for a Ferrari I doubt I’d be able to buy an MP3 download.

  4. jsallison »

    12 May 2012 · 11:47 am

    I’ve managed to stay a generation behind in my automotive listening since the advent of 8-tracks. Installed an 8-track right about the time cassettes were getting popular, a bi-directional cassette player when cd’s were going mainstream and a 6 disc cd changer just as usb was going mobile. And most of my commute I listen to AM talk radio on kokc, go figger.

  5. View From The Porch »

    15 May 2012 · 9:19 am

    Your modern technology fascinates me….

    I may just wind up keeping the Z3 after all and resign myself to another ten years of wind noise on roadtrips and slithery winter driving, but I’m getting one of those fancy dashboard Victrolas…

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