Turn on Automatic Upsets

I usually leave Windows Update live, on the basis that if I ignore it the way I’d prefer to, eventually I’ll end up having to do a couple of hundred updates at once and the CPU will laugh at me, in between gasps for breath.

Last night, Microsoft sent down three updates for .NET Framework, which I duly accepted and allowed to be installed; I was delighted to see that no reboot was demanded. Then, about ten minutes later, exactly the same updates came down the chute. Okay, maybe I didn’t get the fail message; we’ll watch them this time.

Installation complete, dialog box closed, and ten minutes later, exactly the same updates came down the chute. In a fit of pique, I attempted to uninstall all my .NET Framework stuff, which was met with “Dave, I can’t allow you to do that.”

This obviously required a time machine. I jumped back to a Sunday restore point, allowed the updates to install, and the next time they arrived, instructed the updater never to darken my screen again with these farging things. So far, so good.


  1. Jess »

    23 May 2012 · 1:39 pm

    I went through that the other night. After the third time, I turned off the computer, which allowed Windows to digest the snack. Problem solved.

  2. Jay »

    24 May 2012 · 12:20 pm

    Same on my machine here at work. Installed twice, I then ignored it for the rest of the day. Went home that night. Next morning, no prompts, no errors, no (more than usual) problems. Someone needed a good nights sleep.

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