Serial groper

“This is not a joke,” says Jennifer, though I’m having trouble imagining Henny Youngman coming up with one better:

Former priest Thomas Harkins molested so many children, even the Catholic Church was no longer willing to tolerate it. So he was defrocked, and is now happily employed as a TSA supervisor in Philadelphia. (Not even a run-of-the-mill agent, mind you, but a supervisor.)

And they say job skills aren’t transferable anymore.


  1. Dean Esmay »

    29 May 2012 · 2:02 pm

    That “even the Catholic Church was no longer willing to tolerate it” line was a pretty cheap crack. Catholic priests are no more prone to child molestation that Protestant clergy, public school teachers, or other adults who spend lots of time around large groups of children. Yes the Church had a tendency to try to cover up and avoid scandal when things like this came to light, which they deserve criticism for, but they’ve worked for more than a decade now to apologize for that (repeatedly) and to do something about it.

    It just gets a little tiresome to see them endlessly kicked around for it. Enough already.

    (Not angry with Charles, I’m just saying.)

  2. Tatyana »

    30 May 2012 · 6:49 am

    Cheap it might be but true. So man up and own up.

    TSA supervisor! Rubber-gloved hands on those lazy asses (ha! how’s that for anatomy lesson) have always looked creepy to me

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