First there is a mountain

Then there is no mountain, and that’s fine with West Virginia state Senator Art Kirkendoll:

I was listening to the testimony from Logan County Sen. Art Kirkendoll, a staunch proponent of the coal industry in general and mountaintop removal in particular. And here’s what he was saying, if I followed him: That he supports mountaintop removal in part because flattening off mountains provides a place people of his community can live without fear of floods. Here’s what he was saying:

“We’ve gotten through two tremendous floods in Logan county in the last few months. Millions of your dollars coming to our area, Army Corps, everybody in there, the troops, cleaning up our area. If those people had been on some of these surface mined areas that we have, that wouldn’t have happened.”

Assuming, of course, someone actually wanted to live on one of these blasted-to-hellandgone artificial plains in the sky. Given the typical residue from coal mining generally, I suspect developers might not be queueing up for permits.

(First seen here.)

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