Strange search-engine queries (331)

Monday morning, we drop what we’re doing — which, if we’re fortunate, is not a whole hell of a lot — and we plunge into a week’s worth of logs to see if there’s anything worth mocking therein. Fortunately, there always is.

a man’s reach must exceed his grass:  Yeah, they expect you to edge around here too.

“Eighteen hour girdle”:  You’re telling me that you’re going to strap into this thing at 7 am and still have it on at one in the morning? That’s scary.

chez chaz ploor plan:  I must here admit that I’ve never once planned for ploor.

population of oklahoma city yep:  About 600,000, uh-huh.

Femme she’s got images:  None of which match the one in your fantasies, so get over it already.

bare butts archive:  Sort of an educational asset?

japan farewell pussy:  Hello Kitty’s evil twin, I presume.

Tomorrow is June is trending because Twitter is filled with a bunch of Rebecca Blacks, apparently:  Just wait until the 21st, when it’s her birthday.

bill whittle brony:  Um, no. Bill Whittle is not a brony. He wouldn’t know a unicorn from a unibrow.

breaking benjamin blow me away annoying girl singing:  That would be Valora. I think Bill Whittle would have sounded better.

does a mazda 1992 626 sport hatch have 3 gears in auto transmission:  Well, yeah, if it’s broken. Usually it has four.

mazda transmission pringle switch:  Yep, it’s broken. Dropping potato chips down the linkage is never a good idea.

meaning of prettier than a red wagon going up a steep hill:  If it’s going down a steep hill, “pretty” is overridden by “panicky.”

incredible hulk drinks:  You’d drink too, if you had that wussy Banner guy breathing down your neck 24/7.


  1. Kirk »

    4 June 2012 · 9:24 am

    Would love to know how the “red wagon going up a hill” ended up at your place. The internet is bizarre.

  2. CGHill »

    4 June 2012 · 10:23 am

    Actually, it landed here, and it’s practically a direct quote.

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