Executive rotation

Last time we heard from Audi North America boss Johan de Nysschen, he was telling everyone that the Chevrolet Volt was “a car for idiots.”

Friday he abruptly quit his job at Audi, and now we know why: Carlos Ghosn has lured him to Hong Kong to take over worldwide operations at Infiniti.

I’m not sure what I think about this. Audi has been one of the most focused of automakers in recent years, though de Nysschen, stationed at the US outpost, presumably didn’t have a whole lot to do with that. (Peter Schreyer, Audi’s esteemed designer, did; he has since decamped for Kia.) I’m guessing that de Nysschen, who does deserve credit for nursing Audi sales back to health after the unintended-acceleration debacle of the middle 1980s, will be expected to come up with big numbers for Infiniti, which has been trailing Audi — and worse, Acura — in the US market.

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