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Tesla Motors’ model for its company-owned stores — there will be no franchised dealers — is the Apple store, presumably complete with Genius Bar. This does not sit well with other dealers in Natick, Massachusetts, where Tesla is planning a showroom:

An attorney representing the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association along with several Natick dealerships told town officials this week that a license selectmen approved for an electric car company in Natick should be revoked because the company has not met relevant state laws.

Scott Silverman wrote in a letter to the town Monday that Tesla Motors has not proposed to offer service near the site “at any time in the foreseeable future,” as would be required by state law for a license holder.

“We want to ensure that Tesla complies with all the same requirements that our new car dealership members are required to comply with,” Silverman said [Tuesday].

The nearest Tesla service center is in New York, though Tesla will make house calls, at a buck a mile.


  1. Roxeanne de Luca »

    8 June 2012 · 3:29 pm

    I live in the Metro West area. Let me translate: the Tesla Roadster is a $100,000 car. Massachusetts is a wealthy state, and a lot of that wealth is concentrated in the Metro West area: Weston, Wellesley, Newton, Chestnut Hill, Sudbury. The Natick Mall (aka the Natick Collection) is full of high-end stores – Tiffany, Gucci, Burberry, Ferragamo. Big money and big spending in that area.

    Other dealers are up and down Route 9 (which is the road that leads to the Natick Mall). The planned Tesla showroom is within a short drive from Jaguar, Bentley, Land Rover, and Porsche dealers (among low-class – ha! – like Volvo, Audi, and VW dealers). This is plain anti-competitive tactics, nothing more nor less.

  2. CGHill »

    8 June 2012 · 6:57 pm

    So it seems. The next couple of Tesla vehicles, I’m told, will be a smidgen less pricey than the Roadster, but still in the luxo range.

    I am somewhat amused by the fact that the one and only Infiniti store in town is dualed with Porsche/Audi; they have separate showrooms, but the service department is combined, and my usual end-of-day scruffy self provides a marked contrast to the swells with their Deutschemobiles.

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