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Operation VR, hailed here for their single “Remorse,” has returned with a new track called “Regrets of the Past,” which is just as experimental but perhaps a little more conventional: “a little more classical roots, taking note to appreciate modern music,” they say. It’s on their Bandcamp page. Among their officially unpurchasable but YouTube-able music: the two-part “Vinyl’s Visions,” divided into “Fear” and “Pride”.

Utterly unlike OpVR is VivaceCapriccioso, whom I happened upon while — well, never mind where I found her. Perhaps her best-known piece so far is “Octavia’s Waltz,” which isn’t technically a waltz, but no matter. She plays all the parts in the string ensemble: “I was planning to play each part on either violin or cello, and mix each track together, but my cello needs repairs.” Five tracks are currently available on her YouTube channel.

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  1. JT »

    15 June 2012 · 9:44 am

    Great recommendations! I especially like Octavia’s Waltz, such a peaceful number.

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