Mandatory contact cleaner

There has been butthurt on a galactic scale in response to the Zuckerborg’s most recent Neat Idea: the replacement of your email address, as listed in your Facebook profile, with I wish to state for the record that I don’t really give a flying fish, for the following reasons:

  • The vast majority of my FB friends already know at least one address at which they can reach me — four of the five I maintain have been active for over a decade — and presumably don’t need to hunt down the profile page;
  • I can always use it as a spam trap if I have to.

I can’t really feel personally affronted by this action: I learned a long time ago that I was the product, not the customer. And once in a while I do look at my Facebook messages, though I admit I don’t always peer into the mysterious “Other” folder.

(Provoked, sort of, by Teresa.)

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  1. Donna B. »

    29 June 2012 · 7:39 pm

    I don’t think I had an email address for them to replace. I like the idea of using that one as a spam trap.

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