Strange search-engine queries (335)

Another Monday morning, another trip through the logs in search of cheap laffs. We’ve been doing this for more than five years now; the Chief Justice said we could.

why is “ever” overused?:  Because it adds emphasis to your hyperbole if you can assert that it’s the worst thing that ever happened.

man knocked on door in mcalester ok trying to sell magazines and said something inappropriate:  OMG, it’s the worst thing that ever happened!

June 11 2006 braum’s truck wreck gainesville tex:  And there was frozen yogurt, steaming in the sun; you don’t want to know what happens to yogurt when it gets warm.

marie antoinette transvestite:  “Let them wear corsets!”

black male model with huge penis in locker room:  Bet he wasn’t wearing a corset, either.

where is simolea:  On Lake Ontario. It’s expensive, so bring plenty of simoleons.

where to buy a large sheet of cardboar:  I’m guessing he means “cardboard,” which is easy to find, and not a 2D reproduction of a wild pig, which is perhaps less so.

radio smut:  Use your imagination for once.

how reliable is cd4e transmission after repair:  A hell of a lot more reliable than it was the week before it was repaired.

how to denote a blog title:  If it isn’t obvious, perhaps you should avoid the whole concept of blogging.

nylon stockings on sarah palin legs more:  More than what?


  1. Tatyana »

    2 July 2012 · 7:10 am

    “legs more” is from the row of “nevermore”?

  2. CGHill »

    2 July 2012 · 7:13 am

    If only things were more simple like that.

    I think the guy (has to be a guy) was looking for a post long enough that there’s a [MORE] tag in it. (Similarly, people looking for record albums they can download will give the title plus “blogspot” or “mediafire” or some place they think there’s an actual copy.)

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