What a day for a daydream

My workaday life contains sufficient dull, repetitive, I-can-do-this-in-my-sleep-and-probably-have activity to support a whole lot of daydreaming, though this is not necessarily a Good Thing, since I have been known to venture off into areas I probably should have shunned, occasionally into areas I literally have shunned. (Several months into the brony culture, I was making a point of avoiding getting lost in fanfiction, but that was a couple of months and a couple of million words ago.)

Which suggests, I suppose, that the marginally rebellious kid I never did quite suppress still crops out from time to time and, once given the instruction “Don’t go there,” promptly goes there. When the prettiest girl in Philadelphia put this picture up on Instagram, I had to slap said kid silly, especially in view of the fact that earlier that week, the lady in question had made the following offhand — maybe — observation:

The good news is my mojo is working. I wish I knew the power of a miniskirt back when I was in my 20’s.

I must point out here that I’ve never seen her in a miniskirt — the night we met for dinner, she was doing that Mary Richards not-too-tailored pants thing — and that this is a hell of a time to act regretful.

And if you regret not owning retro-ish saddle shoes with a stacked heel, Bass, purveyor of Weejuns, will sell you some for $69 or so.


  1. fillyjonk »

    8 July 2012 · 6:27 pm

    I wonder if I could wear those without damaging my ankles too much. Because those are hecka cute. And the price is good.

  2. donna »

    11 July 2012 · 9:38 pm


  3. CGHill »

    11 July 2012 · 9:40 pm

    You didn’t blush when you made it into the Los Angeles Times, did you?

  4. Donna »

    12 July 2012 · 5:46 pm

    Charles, you will blow my cover! No one is supposed to know about all my identities… much less the rockabilly girl persona!

    I will say, the shoes you found are much more of a bargain than what I ended up purchasing: http://www.shoebuy.com/dr-martens-sara-3-eye-saddle-shoe/465194 at full retail plus a couple bucks

  5. CGHill »

    12 July 2012 · 6:10 pm

    I’d be surprised if I knew as many as half of them. (You are tall, you contain multitudes.)

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