Really good for what ails you

Lethal IngestionThis struck me as fiendishly clever: a hot sauce packaged, not as an incendiary device — we’ve all seen that scheme before — but as though it were some sort of medicine. A “small dose,” says the distributor, “cures bland taste buds for hours!” And what’s more, “Refills are often prescribed!” The 60-ml (about two ounces) bottle sells for twenty bucks, which sounds high, but when’s the last time you got any actual medicine at that quantity/price point? Exactly. (NyQuil doesn’t count, because when you feel bad enough, you’ll chug half the bottle.) And it’s not like you’re going to double or triple the dosage, unless you truly aspire to having the inside of your mouth feel like you’ve just bitten into an arc welder.

The funniest thing, though, is this legend on the label:

305.41 g/mol (C18H27NO3)

Somebody did some actual research on this, by gum. Now if only they’d put a child-proof cap on it…

(Via this Nancy Friedman tweet.)


  1. sya »

    8 July 2012 · 11:04 am

    First thing I thought when I saw the label was, “Where’s the LD50 value?” Or maybe they have that info on the MSDS.

  2. fillyjonk »

    8 July 2012 · 12:52 pm

    Actually, the inclusion of an MSDS sheet with the would be an excellent addition. (As someone who’s had to chase down too many of them online, and for stuff that doesn’t seem like it would NEED an MSDS sheet)

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