Somewhat pointed remarks

The Oklahoman, perhaps to your amazement, carries the Washington Post column by Ruth Marcus, albeit a day or two late, which is why I only just now read this particular installment:

I am, defiantly, out of the knitting closet, thanks to the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Because the Very Serious people at the U.S. Olympic Committee — to wit, their Very Serious lawyers — have seriously dissed knitting, and knitters. This will not stand.

The dispute involves a knitting Web site, 2 million members strong, called, which was planning its third “Ravelympics” during the Summer Games.

Except that the Olympic folks are fiercely protective of their brand and decidedly lacking in whimsy.

Consider, if you will, this 1984 incident, involving a record company and that same decided lack of whimsy.

In any event, the USOC’s dismissive tone, well, needled the knitters. The Ravelry community — which renamed the event the Ravellenic Games — received not one apology, but two. The USOC regretted its “use of insensitive terms.” Do not mess with people armed with pointy needles and high-speed Internet.

Of course, if you read Fillyjonk, you knew about this two and a half weeks ago.


  1. canadienne »

    8 July 2012 · 4:16 pm

    The Yarn Harlot has a nice post about this:

  2. Francis W. Porretto »

    8 July 2012 · 6:34 pm

    And then there’s the strange case of Peter Best, the original drummer for the Beatles, who, well after he was replaced by Ringo Starr and his former bandmates rose to fame and fortune, released a record titled…yup, you guessed it…Best of the Beatles. As far as I know, there were no litigious consequences.

  3. CGHill »

    8 July 2012 · 7:04 pm

    And Pete has followed with a DVD documentary. I mean, the man was there; who better to report on the days before the Mania?

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