Quote of the week

The late Gore Vidal, interviewed by Playboy in 1969:

Politics today is big money. X can be stupid or a drunk or a religious maniac, but if he has the money for a major political career and enough political flair to make a good public impression, he will automatically attract to himself quite a number of political adventurers, some talented. With luck, he will become the nucleus of a political team that then creates his speeches, his positions, his deeds, if any — Presidential hopefuls seldom do anything — until, finally, X is entirely the team’s creation, manipulated… in much the same way that the queen bee is powerless in relation to the drones and workers.

And while we’re on the subject:

[O]nly in America do we pretend to worship the majority, reverently listening to the herd as it Gallups this way and that.

(I actually posted these quotes ten years ago, but Vidal’s perspicacity in these matters remains undiminished.)


  1. Baby M »

    2 August 2012 · 10:41 am

    That second quote evidences an enormous ego, an almost boundless contempt for the rest of humanity, and a streak of authoritarianism a mile wide.

  2. CGHill »

    2 August 2012 · 10:55 am

    Well, yeah, it does. Remind you of anyone?

  3. Kirk »

    3 August 2012 · 7:44 am

    We’re going to miss him as resident curmudgeon. Perhaps you could apply for the opening, Chaz?

  4. CGHill »

    3 August 2012 · 10:19 am

    I have the instincts, I suppose, but I can’t work myself into a scowl 24/7. (What would Twilight Sparkle say?) Besides, I’d almost rather be unknown than be known as a lame imitation of Mencken.

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