Law stinks

I can’t possibly sum this up any better than did the Farker who submitted the story:

J. Geils sues J. Geils for using the name J. Geils while J. Geils goes on tour despite not having J. Geils in the band. J. Geils unavailable for comment, but J. Geils was willing to discuss the lawsuit.

From the linked article:

The lawsuit says that band members Richard Salwitz, Danny Klein, Peter Wolf and Seth Justman had “planned and conspired” to exclude [John] Geils from performing with them under the J. Geils Band name on a recently announced tour.

The band members had planned 11 concerts without Geils as “The J. Geils Band,” beginning August 25 in Syracuse, New York.

Mr Salwitz is the fellow you remember as Magic Dick. Incidentally, Klein fronts a J. Geils cover band called Danny Klein’s Full House.

Even more incidentally, how come I remember J.’s first name as “Jerome,” which of course it isn’t? Did I see a messed-up news story somewhere? (Answer: Not just me, apparently.)

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  1. Roger Green »

    5 August 2012 · 8:42 am

    I always thought it was Jerome, too!

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