At this point I should probably retire

The last of the six chapters of The Sparkle Chronicles has been posted on FIMFiction. Unless something remarkable happens — for instance, getting promoted to the Featured Box, which seems exceedingly unlikely given its less-than-superior reception — I can pretty much leave it alone from here on out.

Which leads to the next dilemma. This is my first actual piece of fiction, ever, to go beyond short-story length. (Word count: 18,582.) Do I have another one inside me anywhere? I honestly don’t know. I am, for now, putting off the question with a jest: “This is my first story in 58 years. I liked it so much I’m going to do one every 58 years from now on.”


  1. Jeff Brokaw »

    7 August 2012 · 6:07 pm

    Congrats Chaz – that’s one more book than a whole bunch of other people have written, me included.

    I’ve tried getting started with fiction before, even way back before I was on the Internet, back when self-publishing was a gleam in somebody’s eye, but I don’t think I have the imagination for it — or the “want to”, I guess.

  2. sya »

    7 August 2012 · 6:40 pm

    Congrats on attempting and finishing a story in long form! And I’m sure you’ll have more than one story every 58 years.

  3. smitty »

    8 August 2012 · 7:04 am

    I have 30k words in a draft of “boy meets girl in Afghanistan”.
    Promising myself to get back to that after the election.
    Meanwhile, the image on your story page evokes. . .bronyism.

  4. CGHill »

    8 August 2012 · 8:45 am

    Oh, it’s much worse than mere bronyism. Trust me on that.

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