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For some reason, people think I’m in a position to promote stuff. Or maybe they figure I’m starved for content, which might be closer to the truth.

Anyway, this landed in the mailbox yesterday:

My name is James Pelton, I am a member of Indian Hills Community Church in Lincoln, NE.

My church has been looking around for some time for a ‘Text Alert System’ to allow the church to send out SMS text messages to its members cell-phones letting them know about upcoming events, choir rehersals, weather closings, etc. We looked and looked but have not been able to find this kind of a system for less than $50-$60 per month.

So, I have developed my own text alert system. I thought I would check around with other churches and organizations to see if they are in need of a similar system.

Contacting people this way is ideal for churches, especially high school and college groups, as well as choirs and orchestras.

This is not something that I need, particularly, but I’ll post the link, just in case you might. (And hey, people will think I’m in a position to promote stuff.)

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  1. Charles Pergiel »

    8 August 2012 · 1:39 am

    I use gmail to send text messages to my kid’s cell phones. One message to “home text” and my words of wisdom are right on their way to being ignored. You do need to figure out the domain name, which depends on which vendor they are signed up with. You might even be able to figure that out by googling their phone number.

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