Just a few sips

Ford’s C-Max hybrid people mover, on the standard EPA mileage test, scored 47 city and 47 highway, for a combined figure of, wouldn’t you know it, 47. (Why, yes, this does sound rather like the results for the Honda Civic Hybrid.)

After several years of reading automotive message boards, I am persuaded that there are two types of drivers: those who beat the EPA numbers by a little, and those who fall short by a lot. The few hybrid owners I know tend to fall into the former group; perhaps hybrid drivers, who more or less by definition are seeking better mileage, are a trifle more conscientious than some of us.

I consider my conscientiousness in such matters to be no better than average. I avoid, for instance, so-called jackrabbit starts, though my motivation is less about saving fuel and more about avoiding torque steer, an inevitable consequence of having a couple hundred ponies pushing the wrong drive wheels. Nonetheless, I have beaten the EPA numbers by a little, three cars in a row.

And I suppose I need to ask our Canadian friends: Is it still called “mileage” even if you measure in kilometers?


  1. Elizabeth »

    8 August 2012 · 9:53 pm

    mileage = economy/fuel economy in Australia

  2. KingShamus »

    9 August 2012 · 7:18 am


    Just a guess.

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