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Sarah Palin stumping for the Sarah Steelman campaignThe very first post I did about Sarah Palin was in early 2007, when she was so far under the radar she’d practically have to wear ridiculous shoes to be seen. The GOP attempted to buy her some sartorial splendor, evidently to negligible effect, since she seems to be transitioning to completely ridiculous outfits:

I’m not sure which thought bothers me more: that she chose to wear this outfit all by her lonesome, or that someone picked the outfit for her and she willingly consented to wearing it. This is not okay. This is not even close to okay. This is not even a trailer in the wilderness on the outskirts of the county of okay. This is somewhere between falling into the laundry pile in your fifteen-year-old daughter’s bedroom and the public speaking component of a VH1 reality show about alcoholic motorcycle cougars with social anxiety disorder.

Of course, in Alaska they dress in the dark six months out of the year, or something like that. As Allison Iraheta might say, “Don’t waste the pretty.”


  1. Tatyana »

    10 August 2012 · 6:33 am

    was that the same blogger that admired manly upper arms of Michelle O? and swooned over her ridiculous belts? and adulated at a glance of her servants-at-the-ball evening gowns?

    Puleeeease. Sarah looks absolutely smashing in anything she chose to wear. Besides, there is nothing even remotely “stripperish” in her outfit @the picture.

  2. Roger Green »

    10 August 2012 · 7:58 am

    Palin is attractive. Just didn’t want her as VP (or God forbid, President.)
    But as many people note, men aren’t usually judged by their clothes or attractiveness. Though when Fred Harris ran for President (in ’76?), his frumpiness was noted.

  3. Violins and Starships »

    10 August 2012 · 9:29 am

    Quotes From Here and There…

    I wouldn’t wear it but it’s not all that bad. But perhaps I’m just used to it because I shop at Walmart every week and see that sort of thing all the time….

  4. Charles Pergiel »

    10 August 2012 · 12:02 pm

    What’s he bitchin’ about? She doesn’t even have a bare midriff or hip huggers. Gee wilikers. And the picture is so tiny you can’t really get any detail on the shoes, not that it matters, I think they’re overwrought, but I think that about all women’s fancy shoes.

    And what is with YouTube posters who say they don’t own the video? Does anyone care? And then there was this comment on the linked video:
    “No profit is being made from the fair use of this track.”
    There was a freakin’ ad stuck in front of the video. Okay, maybe a thousandth of a cent doesn’t qualify as profit, but it is annoying.

  5. CGHill »

    10 August 2012 · 4:27 pm

    It’s an attempt to distract the eyes of the Copyright Police.

    Stuck onto the end of my Sort of Novella:

    As if you didn’t already know, My Little Pony and all related characters are the intellectual property of Hasbro Inc.; this work of fanfiction is in no way intended to infringe upon Hasbro’s statutory rights.

    After a while, it becomes habitual.

  6. Man of the West »

    11 August 2012 · 8:42 pm

    It may not be the most professional of outfits, but the cold, hard reality is that Mrs. Palin would look good in a garbage bag, or a bearskin, or a parka, or anything else you care to name, and there’re not that many women of her age about which that can be honestly said.

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