The late Mrs Dingle

Technically, this is English actress Sheree Murphy, thirty-seven today, who might be best known for playing Tricia Dingle for six years on the British soap Emmerdale. This photo by Sven Arnstein dates to 2006, by which time Emmerdale was two years behind her:

Sheree Murphy

Murphy left the series to spend more time with her family, and they wrote her out of the show in spectacular fashion:

After discovering that her husband, Marlon Dingle, had a drunken one night stand with Charity Tate whilst she was in India, Tricia intended to leave Marlon and Emmerdale. Upon leaving, Diane Sugden gave Tricia a letter from Marlon, it was a list of 101 reasons why Marlon loved her. After spending hours in the phone box, sheltering from a storm and trying to get a taxi, she decided to give Marlon another chance and returned to the Woolpack [pub] to see him. Just as she reached the Woolpack, lightning struck a tree. She tripped and a second bolt struck the roof of the Woolpack, making it collapse on top of her. She was found by Diane and Marlon and taken to hospital by helicopter. She was put on a life support machine until Marlon finally agreed to let her go after realising that there was no hope of recovery. She died on 8 January 2004.

Marlon, I understand, has never really gotten over her.


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    24 August 2012 · 7:00 pm

    nicely done glass paneling. with etching and minimum of metal accoutrements.

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