Strange search-engine queries (344)

It must be admitted that this is rather a curious sort of feature, inasmuch as it requires making responses of a sort to individuals who have long since departed this site and will likely never read them anyway. I might as well be talking to a freaking chair.

staple attraction:  I think it’s those short but perfectly straight legs.

alderaan modification station:  How much modification do they need? They’re a peaceful planet. They have no weapons, except for the odd staple gun.

“14, 40 or Fight!”:  This was an overresponse to the Oregon boundary dispute that led some misguided souls to reconnoiter over Mount Vesuvius.

Pantyhose Teens At school:  Surely not summer school. Too hot.

a hoof in two worlds:  Contrary to popular belief, this was not the working title for The Sparkle Chronicles (q.v.)

Hello kitty small ironing board:  I expect anything Hello Kitty to be small by default.

superwoman overpower sex:  Yeah, you wish.

sam presti like thabeet:  Well, he says he does, anyway.

executive rotation:  “Sir, with all due respect, sit on it and spin.”

decision making simplified:  I keep a decision-making module in my pocket. There’s an engraving of George Washington on one side of it.

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