And not a single cupcake was eaten all day

I am never, of course, going to be the Great American Novelist. However, I do seem to be beavering away at the distinction of being one of the Less Absurd My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fanfic Scribes — I don’t think I want this on my tombstone necessarily, but what the hoof — by having just turned in my third story, which, in classic grind-em-out high-concept publishing style, could be considered a sequel to the first. (The second, which begins after the death of the lead character, doesn’t really lend itself to sequelization.)

I really didn’t want to revisit that first story, which ended in glorious ambiguity, but the fans — inexplicably, I seem to have drawn a handful of fans — seemed to want some sort of resolution to the tale, so I spent the weekend conjuring one up. Some of it I actually like. I wouldn’t have thought myself capable of jerking the occasional tear, but there you go.

And since I figure most of you don’t wish this sort of jerking, especially from the likes of me, here’s a scene with Ponies Being Catty:

“At least loyalty counts for something,” Dash said. “But there’s a whole lot here that nopony is telling us. Why didn’t Twilight tell us anything about this?”

Rarity nodded. “It does seem odd of Twilight not to mention something so potentially life-changing as a new coltfriend.”

“Maybe she was scared,” said Fluttershy. “If I had a new coltfriend I wouldn’t be telling everypony in town.”

“Why the hay not?” Applejack asked.

“Suppose our first date went badly and we never had another one.” Fluttershy dropped her voice to just above a whisper. “If everypony knew about it, maybe no other pony would ever want to date me.”

“Oh, that’s just silly,” said Dash. “I’ve had lots of first dates go badly. I still get hit on.”

“Have you ever had a second date?” Fluttershy asked.

Applejack roared. “She’s got you there, Dashie.”

For some reason I had entirely too much fun with that section.

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