EULA be expected to comply

Since I still have an old turn-of-the-century Hotmail account, Microsoft was kind (or whatever adjective may apply) enough to send me a link to the Brand New Services Agreement. I give them credit for (mostly) avoiding legalese.

And I did like this paragraph, onerous as it may seem to some people:

2.2. What if I can’t access my Microsoft account? If you’ve forgotten your password or otherwise can’t access your Microsoft account, you can recover your Microsoft account by visiting the Reset your password webpage. Microsoft doesn’t guarantee that your Microsoft account will be restored or your content (as defined later) will be safeguarded.

Especially since in 2.1 they tell you that you have to sign in at least once every 270 days, you miserable laggard.

Disclosure: Yes, it’s an old Hotmail account. However, it is used daily, now that Windows Live Mail is allowed to retrieve via POP3. (I despise IMAP.)

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  1. McGehee »

    6 September 2012 · 12:39 pm

    I investigated IMAP once, years ago, out of curiosity — but decided at the time that I preferred to have my retrieved mail stored on my computer.

    Now that I have multiple computers and devices to use for email, IMAP’s pretty much the only way I can go. But since my primary email account is on my own domain, and since Thunderbird can be set to download the entire message just like POP3, and (most importantly) since I either delete or file everything the first time I look at it, it still works out the way I like it.

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