Tyler, three

Surely there’s something to celebrate on Aisha Tyler’s 42nd birthday:

Aisha Tyler at Logo NewNowNext Awards 2012

The ‘do is nice, with a hint — okay, more than a hint — of a poof at the front and a full-fledged side bun, and the Sam Edelman T-straps are likewise nice, apart from some spiky stuff at the back. In between appears to be something from the I Can’t Believe It’s Not A Tunic collection, and the more you tone down the glitter, the goofier it looks. Still, she’s a gamer girl no matter what you heard, and that makes an awful lot forgivable, if you ask me.

(This is, of course, the sequel to “Tyler, too.”)


  1. XRay »

    18 September 2012 · 10:51 pm

    Sorry, but you’re never going to top Florence Welch, no mattter particular doodads.

    I jest of course… but not really.

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    24 September 2012 · 4:54 pm

    […] Also, sex in advertising and 49ers cheerleaders! Dustbury notes gamer girl Aisha Tyler’s 42nd birthday and the tragic Romy Schneider. El Opinador Compulsivo returns after a […]

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