Version downdate

You may have seen me kvetching about iTunes 10.7 yesterday on Twitter. Here’s the scoop from a soul even more anguished:

As soon as i downloaded the 10.7 update on Itune, music skips and stutter!! what caused it???

I reinstalled Itune and restarted the computer and nothing has worked!!! DEF its not the space, i got the 1.5 terabyte LOL…

When i got the updates, I clicked on it and nothing happened!! i had to go on Apple website and download the update from there!

As it happens, trying to roll back to 10.6 fails, because Apple decided this would be a really cool time to change the iTunes database, and 10.6 won’t read the 10.7 .itl file.

The suggested fix — jack up Priority in Task Manager to Above Normal — is no fix at all, since (1) you have to do it every time you reboot and (2) not even High was sufficient to alleviate the problem on my work box.

And that isn’t even the weirdest part of it. I tried to bring up iTunes on the home box — smaller library — and up pops a box: “iTunes cannot run because some of its required files are missing. Please reinstall iTunes.” I’d installed 10.7 there ten days ago without incident. I’m starting to believe this particular version is snakebit.

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