New moon on Wednesday

This shoe is called “Moon,” but it doesn’t seem, you know, all that moon-like:

Indigo by Clarks Valley Moon

On the other hand, it’s as unballetic a ballet flat as I’ve ever seen, what with that patent toe and the bronze-colored leather. (Other combinations are available.)

About Clarks Valley’s Indigo line:

Indigo is fashionable. Never trendy. Classic. Never boring. Fusing unique design with premium materials to bring distinctive style to every wardrobe, the Indigo collection is witty and surprising, artsy and stylish. For women who take sincere delight in mixing and matching clothes and accessories to achieve a look that’s unique and expressive, Indigo is a fresh new expression of comfort.

Of course, they have to say that.

“Moon” can be had from Zappos for a hundred bucks. (I found this on their Map app.)

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  1. Dick Stanley »

    3 October 2012 · 11:37 pm

    The tips remind me (for some reason) of Wile E. Coyote’s nose.

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