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Three years ago, a Texas man trying to avoid a pelican dunked his million-dollar-plus Bugatti Veyron into three feet of water, the sort of situation for which the phrase “total loss” was invented.

Or, you know, not:

Philadelphia Insurers say that Andy House is attempting to commit insurance fraud by filing his $2.2 million claim for the wrecked vehicle, and they say they have some powerful evidence.

A passenger in a nearby car happened to be taking footage of the luxury sports car speeding down a service road along Interstate 45 in Houston. No pelican is visible in the video, and the car seems to make a more gradual approach into the La Marque lagoon.

For a while, said video was actually up on the Web, but seems to have vanished. (Discovery?)

And anyway, a new Veyron might be $2.2 million, exchange rates being what they are — the price, when it’s quoted at all, is generally quoted in euros — but the Bugatti getting the dunk treatment back in ’09 was an ’06 model that sold for about a third less than that.

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