Bimmer bummer

A recall for the BMW M5 and M6 contains typical NHTSA officialese, but somehow it makes even less sense than usual:

“Separation of the [oil] pump’s driveshaft from the rotor could lead to a sudden loss of oil pressure causing the possibility of complete engine failure, resulting in an engine stall-like condition, increasing the risk of a vehicle crash.”

Yep. Apart from the $20,000 worth of damage, it’s exactly like an engine stall.


  1. Jeffro »

    6 October 2012 · 6:42 pm

    That would be bad. On the billfold.

  2. JT »

    6 October 2012 · 9:34 pm

    After owning one of their bastard stepchildren (Mini), it’s bad enough on the billfold just owning one.

    I think Jalopnik’s take on it would take that statement and add “… which will result in FIREY DEATH!!!!!” (normally reserved for any recent model Ferrari).

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