Thumbs counted

One of the more remarkable qualities of Rebecca Black’s original “Friday” video was the vast number of dislikes it received during its period of greatest virality (viralness? viralitude?), in the spring of 2011. The video was pulled after 160 million views or so, and then reposted on RB’s own channel. It’s still widely hated, I noticed today, and then decided to run a comparison with her later singles. The numbers:

  • “Friday”: 41436726 views; 205923 likes, 848917 dislikes (4.12 times as many dislikes as likes)
  • “My Moment”: 36157662 views; 401292 likes, 664306 dislikes (1.66)
  • “Person of Interest”: 7396022 views; 73564 likes, 134012 dislikes (1.82)
  • “Sing It”: 2084809 views: 43689 likes, 22560 dislikes (0.52)

Essentially, this restates the obvious: the fanbase remains loyal, while everyone else eventually moved on. But for the sake of completeness, I must note that during the 3:48 I devoted to one more view of “Friday,” four more opinions were expressed — and three of them were positive. Then again, so far as I know, YouTube pays on views, not on thumbs.

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