Some thoughts about the Big Trade with the Rockets:

  • So much for the oft-rumored Kendrick Perkins amnesty. It’s been suggested that the only way the Thunder could possibly offer anything close to a max contract to James Harden would be to use the amnesty clause on Perk. And now they don’t have to.
  • Kevin Martin is a pretty damned good swingman in his own right, and his contract ($12.9 million) runs out after this season, so this is basically a rental.
  • Rookie Jeremy Lamb, a #12 pick out of UConn, is apparently being declared this year’s version of Daequan Cook, though he’ll probably get two-thirds the minutes. Then again, he gets paid two-thirds as much.
  • If Sam Presti were shipwrecked on a desert island, he’d still stockpile draft picks, and everyone knows it.

Still, this plays hell with everybody’s depth charts, and it indicates a touching amount of faith in Hasheem Thabeet, who now presumably climbs to the second string.

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