In those Oklahoma chills where I belong

It appears we’re going into a slightly-warmer-than-normal period for the next couple of weeks, and that’s a good thing, not only because I’ll have to write a smaller check to the gas company, but because it increases the possibility that this might not wind up as the coldest April in recorded history, at least as far back as they’ve recorded it here.

As it was in March, the variable that seems to matter is not how warm it gets during the day, but how cool it doesn’t get at night. For today, the high was 69, which is below the average for the date, but the low was 53, which is above. The National Weather Service’s definition of “average temperature” for the date is the average of the high and the low, which would be 61. If the rest of the month continues with numbers like that, the record is a cinch. If it gets warmer — well, it would have to average over 70 (for instance, low 60, high 80) for the entire period to bring the month up to seasonal norms, and that’s not likely to happen.

And I hope someone is planning to invite Al Gore out here this summer; it seems to be the most reliable method of beating the heat.

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