Indeed the one

The New Petula Clark AlbumSometimes things just don’t go according to plan. After “Downtown” and the very similar “I Know a Place,” Tony Hatch and the rest of Petula Clark’s brain trust decided to move in a different direction. However, the next two singles, the moody “You’d Better Come Home” and the anthemic “Round Every Corner,” were only smallish hits. What to do? Clark herself had cowritten three songs on the I Know a Place LP, which in the UK was curiously titled The New Petula Clark Album, and one of them, “You’re the One,” was selected as the comeback single.

Well, in Europe, anyway. (There’s a lovely French version with the same backing track, called “Un mal pour un bien.”) Warner Bros. was ready for some hot 45 action in the States with this record, but a cover by the Pittsburgh vocal group the Vogues had beaten them to it, and, said Petula, “Let the boys have the hit.” Just the same, it showed up on Greatest Hits Vol. 1, alongside “Call Me,” a Hatch original that brought one-hit wonder Chris Montez his second hit. Judging by her reaction to his follow-up, “The More I See You,” Petula apparently didn’t mind that either.

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